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April 11-24, 2017
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Stayed in the condo for 2 weeks at Easter time. The condos are nice, but on the pricey side. They actually lower the daily cost from $145 to $132 the second day we were there. Check in was a little strange as we arrived at around 20:00 and we had to go to the security office. The check in is in a fairly dark hallway with a one way mirror type of window where you can not see anyone! There is a little speaker in the window. You pass your ID and credit card under the glass. It went ok, but felt like the movies where someone you can't see is questioning you. Strange! Otherwise everything was enjoyable and went well. Beach is as beautiful as ever. The closes base with facilities is Kaneohe MC air base. They have gone BACK to base stickers! With a rental car you can get a temp pass for the length of the rental. The other bases just require an ID card. Played a round of golf there. Course is still very nice. Used the driving range several time at Bellows trying to get the winter kinks out! We enjoyed so much we made reservations to go back same time next yr. Reservations are tuff to get, but if you're flexible and persistent they can be made! Enjoy!
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