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Feb. 25, 2012
(Updated: April 09, 2012)
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we drove up to investigate on the chance we'd like KMC better than the place we were staying on the "big island". Beautiful location & mntn scenery. We ate breakfast in the chow hall, shopped at the PX, visited the rest of the facilities and the old review is correct-it's a peach. Everything you'd need if you were staying there. However, the prices were not all that good compared to those on the "economy". We rented a house for $500 a week and that wouldn't get us 4 nights at KMC. I don't understand the whole NAF pricing structure. The longer that I'm retired, the higher the prices for retirees' activities seem to get. An active duty officer might be able to afford to pay $200 a night for a room, but a retiree? We only make 50% of our old base pay. At KMC you're too far from everything. And remember rental cars in Hawaii are super expensive. We paid $300 for 2 wks PLUS $175 extra in taxes. You're stuck; way too far from everything at KMC w/out a car and gas was >$4. We could never afford to stay at KMC.
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