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Nov 15 - 24 & Nov 27 to Dec 6, 2011
(Updated: November 22, 2011)
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A beautiful place! Cabins are well equipped & in pretty good condition. Staff (housekeeping) is very friendly. I felt that the "check in" lady was just "working for wages". No big deal, though. I thought that NM, where we live, was the land of manana, but this place is even MORE laid back! I've played golf at the Marine base & Schofield Barracks & loved them both! Schofield is being renovated & only the front 9 are open. First period stayed in 1 bd rm (very roomy) cabin, next week will be in 2 bd rm "front row" cabin. It's been my experience that I have to constantly be online to get a reservation, hence the split cabins. While here we've noticed a lot of empty places except for the week end. I asked the reservation folks about it & they didn't have a clue! The Portuguese Men of war were coming in for our 1st 4 days, but the red flags went down last night. If you go to the Hale Koa & want a good beach time, keep in the back of your mind that 10 days after the full moon the box jelly fish come in & hang around for about 3 days............Nature hasn't changed since I was home ported (1966-1970) at Pearl Harbor! Aloha!
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