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Nov 2010
(Updated: September 25, 2011)
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We stayed here after traveling from Alaska to get away and have a nice vacation. When I made the reservations, there were only non-renovated cabins available, so not knowing what the difference, we went ahead and reserved. When we arrived we were thrilled with the location and amenities. It is located on the West side of the Island with beautiful white sand beaches and not too rough of a surf for our kids to play in. (hint...don't miss the sunrise, it's well worth getting up early!) They also had a mini golf coarse, playground, bike rentals, boogie board rentals, a restaurant, a store, among other things...these were just the things we used. Then we got to our cabin. Yikes! Now, let me say we are campers, and enjoy camping so I was not expecting anything extravagant, however when we walked in I was horrified. The windows didn't closed and most didn't have screens, which let all sorts of creatures in. The bathrooms were horrible, so much so I refused to let my kids take a bath. We had to keep ALL of our food in the fridge because the line of ants was never ending, however I think the worst was the filthy floor and dirty couch. I had to sweep and clean the floor when we checked in! I have never stayed someplace where I had to clean when we got there! We were suppose to stay here 3 nights but I could only stand 1. I guess these cabins would be OK if you lived on the island and were looking to get away for the weekend, but when you travel a total of 24 hours to get there, it was a major disappointment. I can only hope the renovated cabins are in better shape!
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