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Dec 5 - 10, 2010
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J.J. left this review: Bellows is on the Windward side of the island (across the mountain from Honolulu). It has some of the prettiest sandy beaches one will ever find! We stayed in a 2 bed room cottage in the 2nd row (still a stone's throw from the beach) which was renovated for $85 a night. The un-renovated cottages are ok, but don't have new windows or new flooring and don't have a remodeled bathroom, but are still very good for the price $65 on the back row. There is no AC, but it is not needed particularly in the winter. Temps ranged from about 68 to 78. It's warmer in the summer, but not that much. There is almost always the trade winds. The beach has enough surf to body surf, but not too much that it's overpowering. The cabin is nothing to write home about, but it has a full size range & refrigerator and enough utensils, pots & pans for this retired Navy Submarine Cook to "do his thing" in the kitchen! Each cottage has a Weber grill for BBQ. The Marine Corp Base Hawaii is pretty close & they have a small to medium size Commissary for most everything. Bellows has a real small BX, which has milk to beer & most everything else one would likely want at the beach. The beds were ok, (firm) but the sofa needs to be replaced...really the only negative I can think of. Cable TV & free internet connection are good. Last, but not least; make reservations early. They accept reservation (online), (I believe up to 13 months in advance), except for the summer months. The place is popular with the locals so the weekends go fast. We've already made our reservation for 2 full weeks for next fall. For those that aren't familiar with Hawaii, Winter is usually the rainy season, so if you go then, be prepared for liquid sunshine! We've stayed at several places on the Island & this is our favorite!
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