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Georgia 168931
October 2017
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We stayed here years ago. Years ago we would have given this camp ground a 5.0 in each rating. It has changed over the years. For the worse. This Fam Camp is now a permanent housing area for homesteaders. About half of the park is now homesteaders. We did not get a clear cut answer from management how long someone can stay. Seems who you asked you will get a different answer to that question. Seems management and the host shy away from saying anything about the active duty homesteaders. Talking with a few of the campers revealed that people have been staying here, not moving, for years! A Fam Camp is not housing, mobile home park, or permanent lodging facility. It is a recreational area for all to enjoy. People should be limited to staying a certain length of time and move on. i.e. stay 90 days and then gone for 90. The active duty military and base civil servants (who are most of the homesteaders here now) get paid ample COLA and quarters money. We were told there are quarters available on base as well. There is no justified reason for them to homestead in the Fam Camp. Some of the home stealers are senior officers and CPOs. There is ample housing in the local area. They elect, as one told us, to live full time in the RV park to save money and pocket the quarters and COLA money. And, pay no utilities, taxes, sewer, etc. What a deal homesteading on base. Over flow camping is permitted. We saw many overflow campers hooked into the space next to them. Double dipping off one pedestal. Parked on the grass in a non RV space. Tapping into the water, electric and sewer of the permanent space next to them. This is tacky. Looks bad. Unsafe. There was a OF camper on the grass next to a permanent space anywhere they could fit one there. Rules say to control dogs. No constant barking of dogs. Forget that! We heard a few dogs tied up to RVs barking and barking. Never shut up. Sign on the bathroom door stated due to vandals base security will visit more often. Kids ride bikes and play in and out of the breeze way between club house and the laundry room. Also in and out of the laundry, bath rooms and club room. Host just look at them and keep going. They do not tell the kids this is not a play area. Guess host and management are scared of the homesteading active duty types. All of the kids belonged to homesteaders - active duty types. Over all this camp ground has gone down hill. Up keep is poor. Attitudes of people staying here is "us against you." A few more spaces, along the water, were added since we were here last. 
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December 27, 2017
I cannot say I can validate anything posted here but I can say that I just tried to make a reservation using their site and I was unable to find anything open until I tried a single weekday night in 2019!
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