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Nov 22-27, 2016
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Was stationed on the base while on active duty in the Navy for several years and came back to visit family in the area over the Thanksgiving week. I called several times to speak with the manager(Terry) about an opening because they were full and wont take reservations. After calling back on Monday as instructed he said he would have one spot the next day but it was first come first serve. So I drove all day from JRB Nola campground to get there before the office closed only to find out, he was not there that day and the young lady in the office had no idea if they even had room because she hadn't been over there yet today, it was 1500. She said go look and see if there is room, I went over and the people had never left so there was only one spot that was conned off saying reserved, I inquired about this spot and was told they were coming back. I insisted on a place to stay for the night even if it was the parking lot and she called the manager and he said to give me the spot for the night and check back in the next day, which I did and turns out the people never paid so I got the spot for a week. Now to the BAD part! the camp ground seemed abandon very few people moving about, I thought maybe because it was Thanksgiving week I did see one guy and said he had been living there for 3 years, when I seemed surprised he said thats nothing, see that 5th Wheel, they have been here 15 years! He said with the exception of me and 1 other everyone had been there over a year. There are sites marked 14 day only yet this policy is not enforced. The Mens bathroom only had 2 working showers out of 4. One of which had a shower head chest high 5'. Positive note was free laundry, one washer and dryer. The RV sites are not level, you will need lots of blocking to make it work. I left the campground early and went to the world famous Navy late site at lake Altoona, same price, but worth the drive to and from Acworth GA. I am sure the problem is funding but the Airforce really needs to do something about policy and clean up the campground and update the electrical service to 50 amp. 
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March 20, 2017
I stayed at Dobbins Famcamp twice about 10 years ago with a 36' fifth wheel trailer and dually pickup. I experienced the same policies about reservations, etc. cited above. When there were no vacancies I was allowed to park for a couple days in an adjacent parking lot next to some tennis courts. These were used daily by Marine units as their group formation PT facility. The RV park did have some long term residents, who I was told were duty personnel working at the base. The park appears to be a very old design, laid out before modern RV became available. It was carved out of a pine tree forest on a hillside. So most of the sites involve steep slopes to access the level pads. There was a very tight turn around a pine tree in the one-way circular road. All but a couple of the sites had very steep access drives from the road into very short concrete pads. The excessively steep inclines of the pad access drives were in many cases too steep to even consider with my large trailer. The inclines required either uphill or downhill backing to the pads. On the downhill ones my trailer bumper would have bottomed out when it reached the pad, due to the steep angle of the access driveway to the pad. On the up-hill ones, I don't know how well reverse gear in an automatic transmission would push a heavy trailer uphill. The road was one lane wide, dirt, with trees restricting maneuvering in and out of some campsites. I determined that only a few of their campsites were even suitable for my truck and trailer to use. The other sites might be fine for a small trailer or single vehicle RV. I offered a list of suggested improvements to the park manager, and even walked the campground with him to point out spots needing improvement. It sounds like nothing has changed since my visit.
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