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Georgia 106664
March 1-5, 2017
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This is a beautiful campground! It actually consists of multiple small camping areas, including an RV park which has rental campers and a few additional open sites (which appeared to be pull in, back out judging from the position of the hookups). Each Area is located on the water: there are dozens of small peninsulas where sites can be positioned to get good views all around! Not all areas have hookups, however. We noticed that some Areas had concrete tables; some even had concrete patio pads. The main roads are asphalt, with gravel/dirt driveways into camping areas. We were in Area 4 which seemed a little more worn than some of the other areas. It was relatively small (maybe 12-15 sites?) so would be an nice setting for several families camping together. We were in the only pull-through site -- which was right on the roadside leaving little "yard" area. There was a fire ring, grill and picnic table (wood picnic tables had seen better days) but the steep bank made it difficult to get the picnic table level without it being right up against the camper. Also could not see the water views from the front side of the camper facing the road and had to set up our chairs on the "sewer" side of the rig. Area 4 was also a little difficult to maneuver through for larger rigs since the road was a fairly tight circle with steep entrance. Most campers in that area appeared to be around 30' or so, pull behinds. We did see one motor home on the roadside site (which was a little larger than the other sites). There appeared to be some washout of gravel further down into the sites and I wondered if there may have been some earlier flood damage. However, we had full hookups with everything working as it should, grass was cut and area was clean with trash cans at each site and trash pickup. For the price, it was still the best deal around but you may want to check out some of the other areas. The overall landscape has lots of open shore areas (no swimming signs posted) for fishing, etc. and the wooded areas have been thinned out so there are plenty of spaces for walking. Also picnic areas scattered around were nice. Conference center, playground, marina, picnic shelters and green areas were new looking and all well maintained. There is something for everyone here and little towns located within 15-20 minute drive. The guard house was unmanned and we were never stopped or asked for ID other than at check-in (at the Lodge as one enters the resort). If you are a water lover, this is the place for you! Gorgeous views, with places for your boat (and storage area for your camper). Bottom line: It is a great value at the price given; with the additional senior discount, it is a steal!
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