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May 27, 2016
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We drove our car to Dobbins AFB and decided to checkout the famcamp.  As I read the reviews about the famcamp, I can't help but wonder what kind of camping facilities these people consider nice. The only one I agreed with was the 2015 review.  With a little sprucing up, the campground could definitely be a place you'd want to return.  Most of the RVs, if not all, had been there long term.  One of them had plastic bins stacked as high as possible and on the ground half covered with a tarp.  If the base is going to let people live long term (which shouldn't be allowed), there should be rules established to keep the famcamp looking good.  RVs should be washed on a regular basis and residents should get a storage unit rather than stacking their belongings around the RV.  We stopped at an RV Park in California in 2014 that had both long and short termers.  All the long termers were around the outside perimeter and everything around the RV was well maintained, other than being told the outside perimeter was for long term, you would never have guessed.
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