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Georgia 137778
March 25-April 1, 2016
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I can't say too much bad about this place but do have a couple of problems. We stayed in one of the Executive Chalets. We loved the chalet. However, there was no phone service at all and the internet was hit and miss, mostly miss. We were told that we could use our phones if we had Verizon. Other than that nothing works. Our AT&T didn't work any where in the park. We had to drive up almost to the main post road in order to get a signal. The other thing is the internet. The first couple of days we had service in the morning and nothing at night. Then the last 4 days we had no service at all. They put in all those new routers around the park a few years ago and I know they worked at one time. We had one on a pole across the street from our chalet.  Another complaint is when I called a couple months ago to make reservations the person told me that the policy is a maximum of  7 nights, nothing more. We wanted to stay 10 nights. When we checked in I asked that person and she said there is no rule that says you can only stay 7 nights. If the chalet was available at the time we could have stayed 10 nights. Now we know.  On Easter Sunday at the chalet next to us, a truck and large van backed in and began unloading. I thought at first a bunch of college students were having a spring break party. I watched them unload for a while until I got tired. They unloaded at least 6 large military duffle bags, 2 large backpacks, 2 very large chests that took 2 of them to carry and several cases that at first I thought were musical instrument cases. But they turned out to be rifle cases. This was happening at the next two chalets also. The next day our question of who are the guys were answered. When we came home from our outing for the day, 7 or 8 of them in uniform were in the yard and had ropes tied around most of the trees and were throw hatchets at the trees. They had set up a bivouac area in a recreational residential area. The next day I found out about the rifles. They got out of the vehicles with weapons and ammo cans. Don't get me wrong, they didn't cause any trouble. I just can't understand why something like this could happen. I asked at the office when I checked out and the 3 ladies there were surprised at what I was telling them. I told them if I wanted to live in a military bivouac area I could probably get something a little cheaper than the 140 dollars I was paying here.  With all this said, we had a wonderful 7 nights and plan to do it again but maybe 10 nights.
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