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Georgia 107137
2-3 Sept 2014
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Role reversal: I usually praise a place that other folks bash. I’m going to be the curmudgeon here even though I’m giving it a 5. Of course the price is fantastic so I shouldn’t complain. Guess my expectations were built too high when we saw how fantastic the drive into the park was. Beautiful buildings and grounds. Amazing playground. Fantastic lake views. But then. How many reviews does it take for them to realize that they need to put a dang sign up indicating the check-in place? The parking lot for the hidden check-in place is striped for cars, not RV’s! Not a problem for us because it was empty but I could see where this could be an issue on a crowded weekend. BTW, I may be the first reviewer since they paved most of the main roads in the CG. They did a great job and it looks fantastic. And then the RV sites. It looks like they blew all the money on the rest of the park and didn’t have a dime to spend on sites that generate revenue. The pathways into them are confusing. It is crushed, not well maintained, stone. There is no direction…you go in any old way and in some areas it is hard to discern where the “road” is. Definitely stop on the paved road and do a foot reconnaissance first. And, many/most of the best sites are occupied by long, long termers and/or hosts. There are no signs indicating they are hosts but they have golf carts. Many rigs were never occupied while we were there and looked as if it had been awhile. That’s the constructive criticism. The good, and there is it a lot of it, has already been covered in other posts and we experienced that too. Very nice folks and beautiful views. The hookups are great once you get into the site. Verizon worked well for us. Not many satellite friendly sites but there are a few. They are great about letting you find a site that you like. We’ll be back if I’m not on the blacklist after this. PS: there was a sign at check-in saying that DOD was requiring these type of MWR facilities to charge more in-line with comparable civilian rates. As a result, they will raise rates starting 1 Oct. I asked how much and was told about $2. Not much but wonder if this is just the nose of the camel under the tent.
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