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(Updated: March 02, 2012)
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This morning we began our next "Adventure" as full-timers by lovingly waving good-bye to our 4 year tour as Camp Hosts at Ft. Stewart, GA's Holbrook Pond Campground. Except for a 1 yr. off in 2008-2009, we have been winter Camp Hosts at Holbrook Pond since Oct. 2007. We have so enjoyed serving you, our fellow Retirees and Active Duty, and hope we made your stay at Holbrook Pond a great experience. We are leaving to do more traveling of this great country of ours (no matter what the gas prices are... ) and to just be RVers.... We are proud of the changes, no matter how small, we helped to bring about. More are to come, but as we all know, the wheels of progress move slowly....Cathy, the Facility Manager, works hard, too, to provide the best camping experience as possible. She is currently under-staffed, so please be patient when calling for info or reservations. Thank you, all, who have visited during our tenure as Camp Hosts for your comments. Good or Bad, we always strive to improve and to serve. Dock & Lori
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