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Georgia 50499
Years 1986-1991
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My dad was stationed here. I grew up here. On the back side of the circle 2 or three spots from the end as you take a right around the circle. I'm glad to hear that they are keeping it up. In the field to the SW we used to have a small vegetable garden. The field to the right when you go in there used to be a small playground for the kids. I remember being able to ride my bike to the pool and exchange, getting hair cuts at the barber. Minor League baseball team the Albany Polecats games. I'm sorry to say the moved. I also used to have a tree house there. From the satellite map it looks like it is still there. Sad to say i will most likely never see it again. It was a tree with a main truck that split into a Y a ways up. If anyone visits I ask that you take a moment and check on my childhood tree house and let me know. Before the circle begins it was maybe 50 ft up the road across from the field. It wasn't too far in the trees. If it is there and someone got a picture it would make me so happy to know that that piece of my childhood is still there. I hope everyone enjoys the RV Park that was once my childhood home.
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