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I have stayed at Dobbins Lakeside Campground on two separate occasions. Other review comments accurately reflect my observations and impressions. I had a 1-ton crew-cab ford pickup and 36 foot fifth wheel trailer at the time. Many of the camp sites were unsuitable for my rig even if they had been available for occupancy. The road through the campsites is a narrow one-way winding single lane with one steep hill at mid-loop. All RV sites are back-in, with some conveniently angled, and many not, being approximately perpendicular to the road. Close on either side of the roadway are pine trees, dirt banks, etc. I had great difficulty trying to maneuver into some of the spots, needing to drive the front truck tires off of the roadway into the "wildlands." In some sites the close proximity of pine trees severely hampered my ability to maneuver to swing the trailer's rear overhang into a parking pad. Most sites have very small relatively level concrete pads, but the access drives onto the pads requires either backing up or descending down a steep slope to park on the pad. Backing downhill, the rear overhang of a long RV would contact the pad due to the abrupt angle difference . . . or backing up-hill, the front trailer jack would be down-slope from the pad. I deemed these sites totally unusable for my rig. On one occasion MWR management allowed me to park and dry camp for several days in the parking lot next to the tennis courts, near the campground entrance while waiting for a satisfactory site to become available. I walked through the entire campground with the MWR manager trying to point all of the problem areas and deficiencies that I had noted. There has probably been no improvement since then. It sounded like it would be a back burner priority for any attention and funds. Basically, it is an old campground designed for short light weight RVs that needs serious updating to modern RV size and weight standards.
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