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April 26, 2021
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New policies are in place to eliminate the homesteaders. Max stay is 30 days and then a 7 day gap. Homesteaders are all gone. The rate is now $20 a day. The lady at MWR said there is no overflow or dry camping allowed. The resale lot had one camper sitting in it, with no for sale sign. There are 18 spaces and all seem to be back in. Many are suited for only smaller campers, 20 to 30 feet, and with a considerable tilt. The front gate of the base would be difficult for any camper to navigate, even a small one, due to the number of pylons installed. They look to be easily removed. No gas station or commissary on base. The NEX is small but has a good variety of goods and a well-stocked liquor store. MWR has plenty of equipment for rent for recreation or special events. The dining hall is closed on Mondays and there is a club that has some lunch events. The NEX has a sandwich shop. The Braves stadium is only a few miles away and the population of restaurants increases, closer to Truist Park.
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