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Georgia 168931
May 17 to June 7, 2019
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Been quite a while since we have been here and staying for a few weeks and the hosts are fabulous. New furniture in the clubhouse and new stove and fridge and great lawn furniture to use. Some folks have been here for years and the units are not looking good and some vehicles are not being used but sitting on their sites. Many military are now living here and children are running willy-nilly and I almost got run over by a bicycle on the pavement to the clubhouse as the child was looking backwards not forward. I came out of the clubhouse after we arrived and small children were whacking each other with plastic baseball bats and a little boy was crying and I stopped the whacking and they scattered. Not a good environment for small children as they have many acres to run around and school is out now. Not many retired folks are here right now and in the winter it must be difficult to get a reservation when about half of the spots are already taken year round.
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