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I absolutely support priority for active duty that are on vacation or TDY to the base. All of us were active duty at one point, many of us have seen combat and bled while in service. Kings Bay and NAS Key West both use the “campgrounds” as alternative housing so we have many active duty that are here for the duration of the tour, even have retired who live here full time. I think that is the biggest negative at Eagle Hammock. Staff and Hosts are all hands on and very helpful, facilities are good. Walking and biking on base are very good as well as well as base facilities. Location is good with access to Cumberland Island easy access to Brunswick and Jacksonville. Little cold for winter but a good stay so far.
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June 22, 2019
I agree. I see this use of famcamps for permanent housing at a lot of places and really isn't the purposed of campgrounds, in my opinion. And it really isn't appropriate housing for our military. Yesterday I was at a campground where the Soldier and his family have been living in a pop-up tent for months. I don't think it's appropriate.
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