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Mar 9-16, 2018
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This is the second year we have spent spring break here at the RV park. The people staying there are so friendly. We just love the location. The one thing that was lacking this year was the cleanliness. The bathrooms were not cleaned until our 5th day there. That was after I complained. There was a mold growing on the showers. The toilet paper was out and there were no paper towels. The staff was not friendly and seemed shocked when I told them. Even after someone cleaned it, the showers were still gross. The staff at times were kinda of rude as well. We will still go back because we like the price and enjoy the location. 
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March 15, 2019
Thanks for your review, fisher75, and everyone else. The reviews are very helpful in deciding where we all stay. :)
This looks like a very nice CG, though the sites are much smaller than the few Army & AF CGs we’ve been privileged to stay in. But I’m sure the price of real estate in this area makes a huge, huge difference.
One thing we’ve noticed in all military CGs is the friendliness of everyone and the camaraderie; it’s wonderful and makes for a fabulous vacation and a feeling of family. So far we haven’t encountered the rudeness of staff that some have here and at other military CGs, but I’m sure our day will come.
I don’t understand it, and more so, don’t understand why it’s tolerated. We were told of rude staff at one AF CG in another state that went from A+ to so bad that many regular snowbirds left. It happened after the very large CG supposedly had staff change and was contracted out to staff who apparently didn’t know the system or how to run it. Far different from the efficient way the military is known for operating. I know very little to nothing about how military CGs are operated. But if contracted staff works best for them, I certainly hope customer service is overseen well and military families are listened to when the staff is unprofessional or rude, if the campground is not kept up or mown, and if bathrooms and showers are anything less than spic and span. We don’t tolerate this in private CGs, and we shouldn’t anywhere else. Like many, we are Good Sam members of many yrs, and CGs & RV Resorts w/them are proud to boast their high Good Sam Ratings; especially for bathroom cleanliness and the condition of their CG. It makes a difference in where RVers and all campers choose to stay.
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