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Feb 27, 2018
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We called and there were no full sites available but there were about 4 partial sites but we were unable to make a reservation for these. When we got there the partial were still available. Actually I am glad that we were in the partials as we had more room and an nice creek running behind our camper. The full sites were packed in like sardines. When I went to check in they required my DL, my ID card, my vehicle registration for my car and my camper, my insurance on my camper and my dogs shot record. I have stayed at many military campground and I have never had to supply anything but my ID and maybe the dog shot record. I had everything but my insurance card on my phone and they had to have a separate copy of it so I had to email one to them. The dogs shot record I did not have so I called my vet to get it and they said they could FAX it. The campground office did not have a FAX machine and my vet did not have the ability to email it or text it. At this point one employee began making fun of the place I was from. "Where is this place West Virginia", she said. I said no Alabama, she said "oh Alabama", "What kind of place doesn't have email". After begging my vet to ask someone to take a picture of it and text it we got it handled as I was then able to email it. They made me very anxious. Then they began to talk about where they were going to meet after work completely dismissing me. I got no info about the campground except rules that I had to sign, no directions to the camp site I rented, and no info about the bathhouse or laundry. The beach is pretty but because my dog was only allowed in one area that was grassy and muddy I didn't get to enjoy it at all. The laundry was pay machines at $1.75 per load and $.25 for 5 minutes to dry. On the Navy Base and a few other AF Bases the laundry was free. Bottom line though I probably could have overlooked the other inconveniences had the staff been friendlier and not made fun of the place I came from and asked me "are you going back to that place". 
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