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Florida 210764
01 Jan 2018
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This is essentially a trailer park for lucky few who take up the entire campground for 6 months every winter. Their reservation system is ridiculous and obviously geared toward filling the park with homesteaders each Oct. I called in Jan 2018 to attempt to get a reservation for Jan 2019, only to be told the entire trailer park was reserved for the entire 2018-2019 "season", and there was a 200+ waiting list already for any cancellations. I was told to try calling back in Oct 2018 for a possible shot at a site in 2020! Absolutely ridiculous! This is becoming a problem in nearly every military campground which allows reservations. I realize these are civilians contracted to run the military RV parks, but it's time the rest of us start demanding more oversight by the military to ensure a more equitable use of these campgrounds by ALL eligible personnel, rather than the lucky few who win the reservation lottery. If you want a vacation home in Florida, then buy one, but don't squat in the military campgrounds for 6 months every year. 
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