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Dec 27 2017
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Captain Baker commander of NASKW posted new orders for utilizing new rules!!! Reservations...gotta have one 2017-2018 season... Welcome to 180 day calendar limit stays per year for RVs, no more year round forever squatting/homesteading...tent camping is now limited to 30 days also... I didn't read about the banning of Portable carports used as tents??? 2016-2017 season Capt Baker was heard saying he wanted to cease the use of cap reports as tents as it made the Hollywood tent area look like a row of garages not a campground LOL! Here is link to the memorandum... 
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December 31, 2017
And a price increase to $26 FHU, $16 dry camp. As noted must have reservations, cannot just drive down there. 30 days for initial reservation, then change to 90 days on arrival, 180 days max per year. .
January 14, 2018
So, how is the 180 day tile going to effect the DOD/ACDU that homestead year around?
January 16, 2018
In reply to an earlier comment

Great question. Anyone know?
January 24, 2018
At KW Sigsbee now. The AD types are homesteading here. They need to be paid actual cost here, and at all Mil Campgrounds, instead of paying 500 -600 dollars and pocketing thousands from BAQ and COLA. The camp grounds are NOT housing or a mobile home park.

Word yesterday is tent campers and pop up campers can now extend beyond 30 days.

The dry camp area on Sigsbee is approx half full right now. Lots of spaces.

The system of calling in for a reservation is messed up. Campers show up here and told no reservation you have to leave. Duhhh while the dry area is half full making people leave? why?

Folks without reservations are told to call 1-877-NAVY-BED to get a reservation on the spot so they can stay. Wrong folks! Doesn't work like that. The NAVY-BED calling is a royal pain in the butt.

Free loaders in the tent area. One in VW van will use all the camp ground facilities. NOT PAY. He pulls out late at night. Comes back early in the morning. Today came in, with his broken muffler, at 0420 or so. Real nice guy. He will plug into the bath house building. Use all camp ground facilities. And PAY NOTHING. This abuse has been brought to the attention of the office and MWR. Nothing done. But....
They worry about a person who drove all the way down here and worry if they made a reservation or not. And telling few to leave. Go figure. A few are free loading did not register and nothing happens. Those who do make contact with the host at night are told to leave.

This is one broken system down here now.

Trumbo is now open. Many moved from Sigsbee to Trumbo. All facilities are open at Trumbo.

Active duty in the Sigsbee camp ground have negative attitude towards retirees. One CG guy AD going around saying "GD retirees forgot what it is like to be on AD."

No son on retiree forgot their time in service. What you need to know is AD want to be spoon fed and not follow the rules.
4 results - showing 1 - 4