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Dec 11, 2017
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Called to make tent site reservation. Person who answered the phone reported the base commander is not allowing tents in the RV park anymore. My ratings reflect on their inability to accommodate us who won't drive our house everywhere. :(
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March 08, 2018
my little travel trailer is by no means a "house" - hopefully the person at the Fam Camp gave you alternatives to where you could camp out.
December 08, 2018
OMG dare you to show up at our FamCamp in your tent guy! Such a insult to us huge RV big rigs!

((joking -- joking ))

But, to be honest, many Fam Camps look down on tent campers. i.e. Patrick AFB makes it about as hard as it can be for a tent camper. No tables. The tent area used to be across the street from where it is now. Had many sites. Storm tore trees down, etc. So moved across the street now. Only 5 tent sites. Of which I think two are always on stand by for active duty use.
The guy in the office cannot display anymore dislike for tenters.
The woman who runs MWR ODR also has much hate for tenters.

Hey may rub off on some of those big rig people.

Anyone can camp in a RV. Not everyone can camp in a tent.

I have heard the same story (base commander says no tenting at JAX) many times from many different people.

I doubt that such came directly from the base commander.

If base commanders stated as much as these people in the MWR offices say, he/she would have nothing else to do.
So, why give us this BS?

They now let small vans hook up to the former tent sites.

If one tenter has too much stuff, does not follow the rules, etc. Then address that directly to him. Dont punish the entire lot over one person. That is the story I got. Some retiree had too much junk out.

Easy solution: tell him to clean it up or leave

Why are tenters such a threat to these places???
2 results - showing 1 - 2