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Nov 29th 2017
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Need a place to store your Motor home with full hook ups? Arrived here the 29th of October due to the fact NASKW was closed. Thought this would be a good alternative till KW opened. Was lucky and got the last big rig site available, My travelling companions not so lucky, were turned away as nothing was available. After a week here and walking around the campground with my pets, noticed a particular campsite with a motor home parked, no slides out no sewer hooked up only water and electricity. RED FLAG ! Since my friends were turned away for no spaces available for big rigs I inquired at the camp office as to why this was. The camp host just happened to be in the office at that moment and when I asked how that could be and maybe they needed to do a health and welfare inspection to insure the occupants were OK, he immediately blurted out that site belonged to his brother, no further explanation ( who camps with no slide outs and no sewer hooked up, Gotta take a shower or wash dishes you would think. It just so happens I had a friend who was staying across the street from this site and knew the occupants from KeyWest. he said they were there when he arrived a week prior but left. and haven't been back since. A month went by still no activity. The camp host had parked his extra vehicle in front of the spot to make it appear there was someone staying there. Finally contacted the MWR director Ms Parish, and was told she wasn't and couldn't be concerned how people camp. Wrong answer. When told there had been no one there for the past month she basically called us both liars. Informed her was not buying that explanation and I would be filing an ICE report to the Commander. A week later Rig was out of camp ground but camp host is still in his position. Not what I expected from someone whose vehicle license plate reads 06RET would have expected a little more integrity from said individual. problems with the campground go unresolved, as I reported a fire ant problem with my site and that we were being bitten by the fire ants and could they contact the base CE to resolve. A week went by and I inquired again, showing them a picture of where they had occupied the ground at the entrance to my motor home, was told they were working on it. Would have taken care of myself but they have a strict rule about introducing chemicals to the ECO system. A month later still a problem, Took care of the entrance way myself. Was told no one else had complained by office,and they couldn't spray the whole camp ground, needed a list, Other camp host said they had a list, office said no they didn't Placed a note on bulletin board in laundry room for people to get on list if they were also having a problem, camp office personnel removed Management not responsive however Base facilities are great PX, Commissary, Clubs etc
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October 30, 2019
Hello from site 76(I’m sure you’ve heard of it),

I thought I would let you know that things are still the same, except, now there are The same people and they are grumpier. This is so crazy to me. This place doesn’t understand what a host is, and they have 2. If the office is closed that often, then they’re should be a routine in place to be consistent.

They just are not. 1 host left 3days ago and the other tomorrow. Don’t know what happens then.
Between L, R, S, and S, there is not a common “story” between them.
It shocks me as well, the amount of check-in Drama.

I’ve seen these types f post all over the place on different sites.
I don get mad at the cranky old folks, they are still retired Military and served their country.
It doesn’t bother me that people are nosey and anyone who has been here a while “knows the ropes”
If the policy states what spaces, to whom, and how much & how long OK.

However, don’t go making up policies to suit the ones you like. Shame on anyone who has been in a position of protecting this country and earned the Honors of being labeled a Veteran and hero.

The staff and hosts need to have a real look at themselves and their actions. It’s so awful to me that they don’t want to be valuable customer service representative.

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