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Nov 26, 2017
(Updated: January 18, 2018)
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I've only been here a week so far, I don't have nothing bad to say yet, because i think this is a great place, I have stayed in this park several times short term, this is my first year long term. The only thing I wish is that the staff had or provided more information about what's available to you while you are in the park, they gave me information about the internet but it was very vague and not to accurate. cable, 69 channels are free but you can upgrade with spectrum, don't call them go to the office on dale Mabry next to the navy federal credit union, i saved $70.00 going in verses doing it over the phone. Cable w/HD 2 TV with a 6 channel DVR, internet 100 Mbps (super fast) and a phone line for under $90.00 outstanding. by going into spectrum they waived the connect fee you get charged if you do it on the phone.(found all this out by the cable installer i found doing a install at some other RV. I am a disabled veteran and you have to cut your own grass and that's not very helpful to me. The web site gives a lot of local information but it would be nice if you got some hand out or a packet during sign in, telling you what to do or where to go. I guess one thing is that most of the campers have been coming for years and know the tricks, so your on your own, just ask around and people will give information you just have to decipher it. FAMCAMP has opened 100 more slots on the 2018-19 waitlist. Please call to add yourself onto the waitlist if you haven't done so already. (813) 840-6920 Thank you -Management
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December 27, 2017
...I wouldn't advertise you're a disabled veteran around the campground & especially insiders clique of retirees too loud, jealousy ensues when they figure out we (100% service connected veterans) make about what 04 with 20yrs/E9 make in retirement, tends to cause a lotta drama among the Macdill snowbird retirees whom didn't achieve the forementioned rank/status...burns their butts more like, last one who had a temper tantrum at me was a E-6 with 22 yrs and an exwifie who takes 38% of his pension sadly...
Like I wrote, beware of the common seen childish misplaced aggression from those retirees at macdill with their temper tantrums towards us D.A.V. Types and our $$$
February 05, 2018
With 200+ already on their wait list, what's the point of adding another 100 spots? How about they limit the stay to 30 days max, so more people can have a chance to use the park?

If you want a retirement home in Florida, then buy one instead of squatting in the RV park 6 months at a time.
2 results - showing 1 - 2