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Nov 19, 2017
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This campground could be so awesome. It is right next to the marina and small beach and the campers are very friendly. Unfortunately, MWR recently took some of the campground parking directly adjacent to camp sites and designated it an "asset disposal" area. aka. a junkyard. There are boats with barnacles on the bottom, motors with no cover, trailer tires flat. There are old BBQ trailers that are no longer used by the post. It is hard to believe that the post commander allowed a designated junkyard on the CG. One air conditioner in the laundry area was replaced after 4 months of no AC during the summer. A second AC is sitting on the ground, waiting to be installed. Weeds growing around it. The bathrooms smell horribly and large fans have layers of dust. There is a chaplain's trailer that is sitting half in the brush and looks like it hasn't been used in a decade. MacDill is a beautiful base in South Tampa and the rest of the base is gorgeous. It is a shame that CG facilities are being so junked up. The sites themselves are very nice and mowed as needed. You get TV, electrical, and water included. They tell you there is wifi-but I've never met anyone who was able to access it. You can, however, use the golf course clubhouse wifi. Love MacDill. Campground needs leadership. 
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December 27, 2017
...base is a joke, commander should be ashamed of herself and removed for the incidents and dysfunction that go on at her base campground, place needs to be closed, management removed and a new management team staffed & trained so as none of the present toxic cancer of staff infects the new staff and returns it to dysfunctional state it is now.

Campground IMO needs to get rid of the reservation system as well as Install a "3 and you're out for one year" rule so as to end the year after year returning hierarchy group of insiders & their silent shake club/clique situation/mentality the campground suffers from-reservation system has created....
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