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8 July - 7 August 2017
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A change in our plans brought us back to Florida earlier than normal. We are sorry we could not continue on our planned route, but we are glad we spent this summer in Florida. Manatee Cove was a pleasant surprise. We have stayed here before, but not in the summer. The Camp Hosts and the Outdoor Rec, MWR folks were all courteous and helpful. Always willing to talk and offer advice about the local area. As mentioned in an earlier review the restroom and laundry facilities are new, nice and clean. The only issue I had with the laundry room was the lack of ventilation. I can understand not having air conditioning, but a fan would be great. Something to move the air, the room is stifling hot. Since the completion of the renovation there are a number of new full hook up sites. I believe all sites have been upgraded to 50Amp, full hook-ups. We hope to spend the winter here, but that remains to be seen because it is a first come, first serve basis. The MWR/Outdoor Rec staff hours have been cut back severely. They are on duty 0900 – 1300 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Capable, courteous folks. We see the funding cut backs in lots of areas, this is just one more. Fortunately the Camp Hosts are really great, they know there jobs and preform them professionally and politely. I believe PAFB has the best pharmacy support in the DOD. The BX and Commissary are more than adequate. They have a good golf course, gym and marina. Very limited on swimming pools, but you have the Ocean to make up for it. This is a great place that I highly recommend. 45ft Entegra, Aspire RV with a Jeep. Wrangler, Unlimited 
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