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Florida 159943
11-15 April 2007
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Camp Robbins and Postl Point are both very full. As an Active Duty Reservist, I was able to get right in. However, up until I mentioned that fact, they just said "Sorry, we're full, but in two or three days in overflow, we can get you a spot." Not sure, but they probably booted someone out for me. I stayed at Camp Robbins, since I have small kids and need a sewer drop. Nice level sites, easy hookups, and nice roads for kids bikes. It's pretty well maintained. Two of the four washers were broken when I arrived, but were repaired when I left. And much cleaner (thanks to me.) The bathrooms were very clean, but the laundry room needed attention. I mentioned this to the FamCamp staff. They were very friendly and helpful to me, but slightly overwhelmed. I drove through Postl Point. It's nice there if you like to have access to the Marina and the beach. There is not a playground at either FamCamp, but Camp Robbins is only 400 meters walk to the picnic area that is on the bay ... bring your umbrella and sand toys! There is a big park just to the west of the BX/Comissary area, across from the school, about a mile away from Camp Robbins. A very nice jogging trail is along there, about 1.5 miles up to the flightline, for a 3-mile roundtrip isn't bad. Good enough for rollerblades too. The FamCamps on-base are on the bay, but to get off-base to go down to the main beaches, it is a 20-30 minute drive. As for full-timers "living" at the FamCamps, I agree with other reviewers that it appears many are abusing the FamCamp privilage, and living there instead of using it as intended, a recreational facility. Very frustrating to see.
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