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April/May 2017
(Updated: July 10, 2017)
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Beautiful place, right on the bay, we stayed at the Anchor Cove side. The campsite was nice, plenty of room between campers and quiet. I can not fault this place for it's beauty, plenty to do from mini golf to renting out a canoe. If the weather is bad, nothing indoors to do so plan ahead for the kids. The sunsets over the water is beautiful. Lots of hiking paths, nice play area's for the little ones. The bathrooms at Anchor cove are not great. We always drove down to the battleship row family restrooms, which were always clean, large, and air conditioned. Right next to the restrooms is where you have to go for the laundry facility, so it worked out well for us. If I can attach some photo's of one of the restrooms at Cedar Cove I will. Unfortunately for us, the manager here seems to dislike all dogs, there is NO WHERE to let your dog run free, even if you have a well voice trained dog. My suggestion, take a long extention leash, If your dog is a swimmer like mine, you can go to one of the boat ramps and let your dog swim with the long leash on, Or at least they can paddle their feet. There is no dog park here. You can't take your dog to any of the beaches here anymore either, you will have to leave them inside your very hot tent, or camper, maybe your dog is lucky and you have a/c. I was yelled at one day by the manager, I had just tethered my dog up outside by the picnic table, I then popped inside to pour a drink to take back out when I heard my dog start to bark, I stepped out immediately knowing someone must be coming by and right off the bat I was being yelled at and a finger pointed towards my dog, he was shouting as he kept walking by "NO DOG MUST EVER BE LEFT UNATTENDED - NEVER!" I was so shaken at being shouted at by I just clammed up and ran and hugged by dog, this man scared me, and I had no clue he was. He just kept walking no introduction or waiting for me to explain that my well behaved dog was being left for under a minute. Later that day, my husband found out this gentleman was the manager. I do not like confrontation, and I always obey rules, this rudeness literally took me to my camper for the rest of the day, I have never in all my life been yelled at and it really upset me, not what he said, but the tone used and the look of anger on his face. My husband wanted to go and knock on the managers door, but I stopped him, I just wanted to leave. The next morning we packed up camp early and left. Looking back, I wished I'd stood my ground and spoken up, but that's the past now. A lot of the staff aren't friendly either, with the exception of Mike and the very nice man in the shop. Don't expect a warm greeting from the camp host at number 10, he simply stares and ignores you! Do I recommend this place? Yes, If you don't have a dog, We personally won't be back, as like many people our dog travels most places we do. I had heard about the new management changing a lot of things for the worse, I really didn't expect a man with a very bad temper to be hired on in a customer service type job.
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