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Nov - Dec, 2016
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I went to Manatee Cove to Enjoy Some time away from snow in Mich. I was greeted at the office by the comment (what are you doing here, we hired someone to do Karaoke) I did Karaoke for the last 2 years with no compensation and I enjoyed It. Went to Karaoke, the guy was terrible so I Went to Karaoke no more which was fine with me. People kept wanting me to go so I went. The Karaoke host came to me to talk and threatened me so I walked away from him. He then grabbed me and I pushed him away from me to protect myself and someone turned in a complaint against me and I was kicked off the campground. I asked if I was allowed to say anything and was told an officer would come and escort me off the Base. No Explanation from me at all. The guy was rite, If you are not part of the Clique, Good Luck. I am a veteran and I do want Respect. This Campground would be great if the people who run it cared about the campers instead of just the money
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