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May 1 - Nov 1, 2015 and Feb 2 - Apr 3, 2017
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My 2015 stay here was off season (may thru oct) as I moved off my sailboat in marathon fla to live ashore for awhile which turned into six months as I moved back on my boat after fantasy fest 2015, When I got there May 1st 2015 place was emptying or almost at off season population empty (there was no rotation) I seemingly became the outcast/object of aggression by the longtime local year round clique who gossiped about me to no end. It got so bad even the manager lady and husband were sassing off to me at the dead as a graveyard sunset lounge before the campground manager realized I was the victim of warrentless harassment as the local clique was bored and using me as a topic of gossip/conversation, vilifying me for anything and everything. Back then they let tent camping go on at the circle on the water like at Hollywood tenting area which I loved, I'd paddleboard everyday, to friends boats at garrison bight mooring field, cow key channel lazy dog and ajoining bar etc even doing the loop around key west 12.5 miles. Gossip was so bad, I went home with a woman from the bar on duval which turned into a multiple day fling at her McMansion in sugarloaf and the manager lady personally called me asking if I was ok saying she was concerned as no one had seen me for a few days??? This is a good example how intrusive/phony people get here... Facilities are fair for what you're paying IMO, beach patio @ Truman annex is great place to take afternoon nap on a hot day/enjoy some air conditioning and offers beer for $1.50 can. I used showers at college pool in morning after my swim and gym over at Truman annex gym vs the campground which is why I don't see a problem with campground showers? Laundry is best done weekday nites later the better, like after midnight and especially before 7am when dependas hijack the laundry rooms with their gloomy demeaners all day? Powerboat marina on sigsbee is best place to buy ice, if you bring a boat great place to launch/trailer up, buy bait etc. Boca Chica deep water marina has better bar, navigators with its own swimming area though sound of freedom (jet noise) is worse. Lap swimming is offered for free at trumbo but it's too loud with screaming kids, so I go to community college where serious lap swimmers swim for $50 month unlimited or $5 day-no lounging/tanning unlike trumbo but best sunbathing is higgs or southernmost or state park. If you're living aboard a boat wanting to come ashore best to come ashore near Hollywood bathhouse and tie off dink on rocks as exchange/commissary is 400 yards and closest landing option; place signage in dink explaining you're military and going to exchange as drama queens of the snowbird season clique will certainly call master at arms like you're an illegal invader, again, too many self appointed sheriffs here. After living here before, I don't get friendly or take interest with long term/homesteading/returning campers anymore, lotta drama with this crowd much like overly intrusive rural people and these people complain a lot about trivial things, especially the dependa types IMO, they act as though for $14 a day dry/$24 a day powered you should get a Waldorf experience which is outrageous, unreasonable and irrational thinking at best, this is key west where campgrounds cost like ft Meade homesteading costs $1000 month, hotel rooms off base are $300 and up a nite, navy lodge sigsbee (if you can get a room) is $115 during season, $85 off season. These are the same people who got the galley off limits to non active duty types as they stole the silverware, plates and condiments among other things or so the active duty contingency told me? As for the seasonal rotation list not putting names up anymore but using numbers instead, it was explained to me that this was done as people were identifying others names and harassing them by complaint to the office and around base about them, online and vilifying them to others in their cliques so management uses numbers not names now on the rotation list-this is rational/reasonable explanation you'll concur with after you experience a season here. For me, first time and or short stay campers were nothing but gold towards me, all saying goodbyes as we got along well and I enjoyed their conversations well, families of mormons to young wild couples/worldly motorcycle riders on world traveling tours whom I've went partying on Duvall with acting like sailors who've hit port on liberty, great fun with "non homesteaders/non snowbirds" I think this has to do with that stigma of returning people act like they have seniority, especially their dependa wives seemingly? You'll here more homesteaders/returning snowbird veterans wives (dependas) wearing their husbands rank here than anywhere else I've ever been and I stay at a lotta military campgrounds, but like all bases there is that "cart before the horse" mentality/problem of monster dependas thinking they're more important than service members or veterans, another form of stolen valor or people benefiting off the service/merits/privledges of others service. Attitudes of the staff were much better in 2017 than in my 2015 visit, all of the troublesome hosts/office people were gone except two and they had positive attitude ajustments seemingly? The troublesome homesteading never leaving snowbird clique was non existent as place was crowed so I blended in I guess? 2017 I've heard people complain about camp manager in derogatory ways but I've seen her clean bathrooms personally when cleaners didn't come in 2017, again I don't use these as they're over used/crowded,agiain I use the Pool shower at community college in morning & the gym at Truman annex at nite as I go to these places daily. Sadly best tent camping spaces in Hollywood area has worst gossiping and drama created from gossiping seasonal tenters and their Hatfield/McCoy drama if you're wanting to snowbird/homestead, best to camp at overflow in circle or pop up row in rock pile area if you're gonna go long term. (called "pebble beach" now?) There is talk there will be no more using carports as tents, these monstrosities are seen as eye sore by base commander and block views of those units using Hollywood pavilion for unit parties, looks like a row of garages and the crowd doing this seemingly are the worst self appointed sheriffs & most aggressive complainers? Too much infighting with their community IMO. Bye far NASKW is better option/place to snowbird winter away than macdill in Tampa (which is cheaper) as far as weather & ambiance of veterans and their dependas/kids campground IMO, more reasonable/rational crowd especially vacationing short term non snowbird/homesteading people. The hosts at NASKW are friendly/do patrol/are available which keeps a lotta mayhem from occurring unlike at macdill where not even security forces care about rules much less the campground office or especially the lone macdill host who is worthless. Only thing macdill has over NASKW is its Tampa and the exchange/commissary where steak is really cheap, big city lots to do and biggest RV show on the planet along with biggest RV dealer "lazydays" Heard Patrick is pretty good and thinking of snowbirding there next? It has surfing, beach town and isn't as expensive as key west as I'm not a shut in/Rv hybernator like so many key west RV snowbirders whom seemingly hide in their RV S looking out the window spying on their neighbors looking for any reason to call the office and complain about anyone they don't approve of. 
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April 26, 2017
Sir / Ma'am,
I look at this website to gain valuable information regarding this great benefit we all enjoy. Your post has too much information not related to Sigsbee Campground itself. Not interested in your perceived drama that is going on that is unrelated to the campground. I Would have loved to hear more about your thoughts on the campground and sailing. I had to give you a thumbs down. Sorry.
June 17, 2017
July 16, 2017
In reply to an earlier comment

We are planning a Florida trip including the Keys all the way from Utah March 2018. After this review I am so reluctant to try and make a reservation here. Being a Navy Junior and retire Navy wife, I have never experienced this kind of rude and uncaring behavior...Yikes!
September 21, 2017
"Wasting away again in Margaritaville."
December 27, 2017
In reply to an earlier comment're just going to visit and leave, not try to become part of the community so you won't be seen as trying to wiggle your way into the pecking order by the squatter snowbirders who think they have seniority...
Just smile, do your thing with your group and redirect your group if you witness any of the lowclass behavior I write about...
5 results - showing 1 - 5