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April 14-21, 2017
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This place is a full-time retirement community and if you are not part of their "clique" good luck! They are very unfriendly and all act entitled. Unfortunately upon arrival, we were exhausted and late we signed the paperwork in the dark, provided our dogs proof of rabies and then they brought us to a sight. The host told us our 36' RV was too big to park in the spots with a water view. We ended up in the middle of a parking lot with not much around. The next day we realized we had handed them an envelope (that had $1,350 in it!!) along with the rabies certificates. When we asked the host about our missing envelope, he told us the people around there are always trying to rub two nickels together to make a dime and that we would never see that again. I said at a military campground you would think people would be more honest...he just shrugged his shoulders. A few days later his wife indicated she saw the envelope my husband had but doesn't know what happened to it. She can't believe people aren't more honest. All in all, I wouldn't bother to make the trip again to sit in a parking lot with rude people all around. We can't prove what happened to the money but we know. We had a conversation with the host about karma...he brought it up and I think he might be worried. We found out when we were leaving that their contract is up and they won't be working there anymore. Hmmm....
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April 26, 2017
Sir/ Ma'am,
This great website is to review and discuss military campgrounds not personal grievances. Those complaints should be directed towards management or base security. When we came in the evening the host brought us to the dayroom to complete the paperwork. I stayed at the campground during the time of your visit and the place was half full and as we walked around the camp in the evening we talked to 3 different campers at length who were all friendly and nice. We didn't come across one rude person. Sounds like you didn't get the spot you wanted and you are bitter.
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