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14-22 April 2017
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I am active duty and vacation with my family at Sigsbee usually twice a year. I made our reservations while stationed in Korea this year. I arrived at midnight. I didn't want to bother the camp host with calling him until a reasonable hour so I figured I would call him around 0900hrs on Saturday morning. The camp host arrived to get me at 0700hrs and show me to my spot on the water. I can't remember his name only that his last name started with an "O". Awesome, super friendly guy. We pulled into a spot on the water and the views were amazing. We noticed lots of upgrades to Sigsbee since our last visit. The first we noticed was the internet. The WIFI was far faster and easier to access than in years past. We did notice many of the people did not come outside during the nice days. We just figured they were in their coaches surfing the internet. The bathrooms were clean and had been remodeled since our last visit. We saw a lady cleaning them daily. There is a laundry facility that costs a couple bucks in quarters to use and was adequate (which is why we didn't give it 5 stars). We went to NAS Boca Chica to use the beach. Anyone who complains about Sigsbee really needs a reality check on life and be a little more appreciative for what Sigsbee and the surrounding area has to offer. This is an amazing place for $24 a night. As for the complainers. I was reading some of the reviews about people coming to Sigsbee for the last 20+ years, it seems like they are taking the place for granted and just like to complain to have something to complain about. We did notice a lot of people who appeared to "holding themselves at bay" in their coaches, meaning they didn't come out much and when they did they seemed moody or sour. Instead of complaining about the grass around your lot, borrow a mower from the camp host and cut it. It would take you a total of 5 minutes. Instead of complaining about trash, help police it up. Instead of complaining about generators, use some of the money your hoarding and invest in solar. Instead of staying logged on to the internet all day long, log off so others can enjoy it. Be part of the solution not the problem. As I head back to Korea I can't help but wish I could spend one more day at Sigsbee. 
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