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Florida 200801
1-14 April 2017
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We checked into site 94 on a Saturday. The man was rude and curt to the people checking in before us and to us also. After arriving at our site I checked voltage at receptacle and discovered that the 50 amp receptacle had 117 volts on line 1 but only 79 online 2, since this low voltage could fry electrical devices I couldn't use and a serge protector would not let current flow to trailer because of low voltage. Told man in office and was told he would have it looked at. On Monday went back to office and was pleased to be greeted by a helpful lady that called in my problem. On Tuesday I went back to office to deal with mister personality again and was told the electrician had just visited my site and informed grumpy that I apparently had not turned breakers on. I assured him that I had tried the breakers numerous times. He said there was nothing else he could do he had to go with what the electrician told him. Long story short I plugged into empty sites around me for the 2 weeks I was there. This man exemplifies the employees at the DMV and has no business working with the public. I am a work camper and have had the pleasure of dealing with people all over this country, if I never have to deal with this man again I will die a happy man. On a Happy note the facility was very enjoyable with a great beach. 
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December 27, 2017
I bet his name is "billy"

You should really do world a favor and write a formal complaint against him so he's far removed from Macdill...
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