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April 26, 2007
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This is the third time we've stayed here on the "A" side, while passing though. I know nothing of the "B" side because I've never stayed there or been through it. The "A" side is fine for a short term (overnight/weekend) stay. The facilities are adequate, if somewhat down at the heels. And the price is right. My three stays have been spread over a period of two years and, sadly, each visit the facilities seem to be a little seedier. The prime example of things slowly degenerating is the bath house. It's a pair of single-wide trailers configured as toilet/bath house. One for women and one for men. While they are kept reasonably clean, they are just worn-out looking inside. A couple of the fiberglass shower stalls have been broken, then repaired with some brown epoxy stuff as a halfway measure. The floors are worn-out linoleum that should have been replaced years ago. The whole effect is "just keep it working well enough to get by..." Not much pride of ownership by the management. The campground is in a lovely setting, if they'd just take a little better care of things.
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