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Florida 200140
Oct 21, 2016 to Feb 1, 2017
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Disappointed with management, base security as well as command to fix this place. They had a town hall Jan 2017 which from gossip I heard went ugly, so much entitlement from campers the command was astonished I heard later? I like active duty people skipped it as I know my place, I'm a guest and being on base is a priv, not a right like so many dependants seemingly think. Management doesn't seem to follow policies, much less enforce them equally among campers as anyone who spends time will realize and experience. Very close minded and project borderline thinking of "good people can do no wrong/bad people can do no right" so I'd suggest smile and don't get personal with people if you wanna stay extended/seasonal? Homesteaders wreck moral at this campground as there are special people (insiders) and outsiders (those the clique doesn't know) Constant less than equal treatment prevails here sadly as seasonal snowbirders converge and you get the clique effect is ugly, pretty emotionally immature dependas as well with their entitlement issues ("my husband served blah blah blah yrs and I'm entitled" mentalities) These are the people who think they don't need to follow base policy I.e. Wear a bicycle helmet...they think they're at K.O.A. Quite time 11pm-7am isn't respected, had a civilian defendant neighbor who thought the rules didn't apply to her, she'd start up her rattle diesel truck and let it idle 0600 so went over and reminded her it was quite time, she said "I'm going to work" to which I said "get in the truck and leave then, truck is waking people up, were retired not working people here" so she went to the office and said I intimidated her with a baseball bat??? LOL!!! Office cowards brought it up weeks later asking my side of it then leaving it with don't be confrontational, just come to us??? Here is where a lot of the issues with unreasonable and irrational behavior begin, people don't work things out seemingly here, they try to get those they don't get along with kicked out seemingly... Gossip is ugly as all heck too, way too many people acting like junior high kids but that is what happens when you have people who come year after year after year etc. Heck, one veterans wife was so hurt trump won and hurt by my comment one night at weekly trivia "I don't know how anyone can be in DNC after the way they treated Bernie" her spineless veteran hubby made comment in other words "I wanna control what you talk about and I can't hear your happy trump talk" so I quit the trivia team...I later started seeing/hanging out with a active duty SGM which the trivia team leader asked the classless question "am I getting some of that cooter?" I responded with "I don't ask you about sex with your wife do I?" Too many homestead kids also, little brats constantly running-biking yelling, screaming in campground can't respect your space much less your desire for peace and quite...they'll wake you up from afternoon naps daily, management won't fix this by doing the logicle reasonable answer of enforcing the kids play at the playground which is away from campers yet close to offices and in great view by adults for supervision/security/safety yet outta hearing of most of the campground? Dog policy isn't enforced, people bring dogs that are Air Force policy wide banned from installations (pits/Doberman/rots etc) and staff acts clueless...they'll act like you're the problem for bringing it up even when these animals are clearly acting aggressive and that being your grievance for bringing this up??? You'll see people without leashes and their animals pooping/peeing in your area of occupation and they'll act like you're being unreasonable? Campground stay lengths aren't inforced equally, supposed to be a six month limit per year for RV/60 day for tent which they selectively enforce? I know people who squat/homestead their RV there non stop year after year without leaving much less rotating? They even have one Vietnam veteran who RV camps, who has a mentally challenged/socially inept middle aged son whom he sponsors his man child 40something son and girlfriend in tent camping and won't let them in their RV as they fight verbally and physically? Most bases have a 14 day guest limit but this veteran gets to have his middle aged man child kid there indefinitely??? (This guy has no base privs, can't get on base without his mother or father present) yet he's mentally challenged and thinks he has same status as veterans...This is the issues with management I speak of) I know I rip this guy bad, but this is white trash who suggested I dog fight my puppy for money??? His father made the comment about my pickup "does that thing even run?" To which I replied "does your daughter like BBC?" (Has a mulotto granddaughter and is especially ashamed his daughter made children with black men so I couldn't resist) Again, I have zero no confidence in the staff as they'll twist stories into outcomes they like and for whom they want to prevail in disputes. Same feeling for fellow camper veterans or their families much less base security or the command to fix this place so I've personally boycotted it when I left I was so frustrated and it was making my ptsd issues worse. Staff were so competitive with me in the end I got a all base restriction as I didn't come see them when they left a note asking me to come by office on my checkout date LOL!!! Security at another base fixed the restriction issue and explained after their investigation that this was grand scale snafu and should've only pertained to macdill AFB LOL!!! (More examples of their over reacting and unprofessionalism) I called month later to cancel my reservation for the following year and one of the staffers who had it out for me was childish enough to tell me he'd call me back to cancel/refund my money but never did, great example of the professionalism there again, stubborn bratty childish pukes...but again I blame the command for this as it's their campground. In hindsight, seems things got especially ugly when I was gossiped by the community about my time with an active duty female SGM (jealousy) Again, too southern as in corrupt. 
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