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Florida 227165
January 16 - 30, 2017
(Updated: May 18, 2017)
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A wonderful Campground. Stayed two weeks and the prices above are correct. One can use this facility on a weekly basis. We carry a modem with us so we had no problems using the WiFi and the modem gave us complete security when on line. The Navy Exchange Gas/Mini Mart has started carrying limited supplies if you run out of something for your camping experience. The Naval Aviation Museum is not a one day will take two to three days to see everything. The Pensacola Lighthouse is the tallest on the Gulf. If one has a weak heart or diabetic don't try to climb to the top. The Light keepers residence is a nice Museum in itself and provides a lot to see and learn. There is a bike trail the goes next to the Campgrounds and another hiking trail that runs parallel to the bike trail, but separates down by the light house. The pads are very large concrete sites. Plenty of room for my 31foot Class "C" and our towed car. The Campground Hostesses and Campground Staff were very friendly and helpful with their knowledge of Pensacola. I look forward to going back next year. If any concern I may have is that they use five or six inch steel pipes concreted into the ground to mark the campsite number. They are painted dark red. Very seeable in the day time, but almost impossible to see at night. Before backing in stop, get out and locate these. RV vs Steel pipes = Steel Pipes win. I do not know of any incident while I was there and not even sure there has been a RV backing into any of them, however I did notice a couple of the pipes leaning to the side for some reason. Your stay will be a lot more fun if you avoid these critters. A neighbor arrived well after dark and the Campground Hostess was with him and carried a big flashlight to assist him in backing in. You can't ask for more.
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