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October 2016
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Over the past few months I have been in contact with the Base CMC about the Monthly site rate and the unacceptable increase effective July 2016. As recently as just last week he and I spoke again. In comparison to the North West Florida area of Military Campgrounds, the FamCamp at Nas Whiting Field has now distinguished itself as the 2nd most expensive place to stay for a month or even several months during the Winter. With its lack of amenities, I found this ranking to be totally unexpected. There are far better FamCamps in the area that offer much more for less cost. I told the CMC, that it was my opinion that this new managements rate structure was going to have a very negative impact on occupancy percentage for the 2016 Winter. I ended my conversation with the CMC, believing he would do some more homework using the information and sources I shared with him and that he would address the matter a some date. Guess we all will have to just wait and see if my prediction is bared out and the CMC can cause more reasonable minds to prevail. I know myself and others will not be staying here anytime soon and my Family and I had enjoyed many Winters with the old Management. In closing, I would suggest that you check other Campgrounds in the area, both Military and Civilian and compare the rates before you choose. There are still some out there that offer 50 amp full hookup in a Family Surrounding for under $400 a month. Have a nice stay in North West Florida, but be aware of this recent turn of events at this FamCamp.
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May 19, 2017
Those of us who like to use our RVs for that reason are sick and tired of those who "Homestead" in the Military Campgrounds. If anyone wants to stay over 30 days in the Pensacola/Northwest Florida area for longer than that go out and rent an apartment in town. I do not believe the monthly rate will prevent the proper use of this or any other of the Military Campgrounds. True RVers will then have the opportunity to enjoy those Campgrounds being hogged by the Homesteaders.
December 19, 2017
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2 results - showing 1 - 2