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Sep-Oct 2016
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just returned from a week here and had a great visit to the park and the area!! we did make reservations and also called ahead when we were to arrive one day earlier and had no problem getting in, not that i should have considering there were a dozen open spots... as for the spots they are right next to each other all in a row around a circle, i had no problems backing in, but if you have a 40footer or bigger and they assign you a space that has someone in front of you, your backing skills need to be up to par?? there is plenty to see and do in town and and everything you need, there is a pool and kids play areas and marina and laundry on the grounds so no worries there, my only complaint is that the grass around the rv sites had a lot of stickers in it and the dogs have issues with that :( the other grass areas away from there were ok?? we would stay here again but there are other parks in the area and we might try one of them next time just to go somewhere new? if anyone has any questions about the area just send me a msg and i would be happy to answer, happy camping!! 
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