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Florida 149314
April 2015
(Updated: April 03, 2015)
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Overall not a bad little Coast Guard MWR campground. The $30 rate per day is not bad for the keys. Although Sigsbee is cheaper. Sites are a little narrow for a motorhome with 4 slides. Water and electrical are on the top of a 4 foot cement pillar at the rear of the site. A large oak tree near the rear our our site (RV3) limited how far I could back in. I used almost 40 feet of water hose to reach the water faucet. Our neighbor's sewer connection is almost in our site and is about 6 feet from our patio. They are very strict here. EVERYTHING IS OFF LIMITS TO ANYONE IN THE RV SITES and they mean everything. This morning I walked the dogs, had a poop bag with me, to the RV gate entrance. It's about 400 feet from the RV sites, not near any building or equipment. Within minutes of getting back to our motorhome there was a knock at the door. It was the person from the MWR office telling me the commander here saw me walking our dogs and he was here to tell me NOT to leave the RV sites area again. Wow! I had no idea the road to the gate to get in and out here was OFF LIMITS. Getting in here is not easy either. When making the reservation and reading the reservation package there was NO mention that the RV gate is locked at all times. You are suppose to call ahead to get the gate open. They don't tell you that and don't provide the phone number either. You will not get that number until you get to the locked gate and find it posted on the EXIT gate. OK that's bad enough but when you pull into the entrance there is not enough room to park without you blocking one lane of the Overseas Highway. So while you are trying to find how to gain access you are in a very unsafe condition. I understand the need for security but this procedure needs to be told to you when making a reservation. After getting in here I was told I should have called before getting here. I told the guy I would have but no one told me that. BTW the number to call to open the gate is 305.743.1991. Overall it's OK here, but I get the feeling we are really not welcome here and they just tolerate us RVers. That's fine but We will NOT return here.
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