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Florida 200776
March 22-29 2015
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We were not sure at all we wanted to come here but curiosity got the best of us and being nearby we drove over to check it out. I'd called in late Feb and was told there was no chance of even overflow, dry camping. Then the conversation turned confusing: something about you had to wait 2 weeks in overflow, then you had to make a reservation 2 weeks out. So I asked to make a reservation for 2 weeks from then and no, that was not possible. When I hung up I just said HUH?? To my surprise when we drove in on March 22 the office staff was super pleasant and said sure we could have a fhu site with no reservation, just come back Tuesday. We did, again very pleasant people in the office, and we got one of the many sites open. That said, we would not come back. I think the place's main appeal is it's the southernmost famcamp outside of Key West, making the winters warmer than the nicer (in our opinion) camps up in the panhandle. The sites are just average, pretty close together, the laundry room is big but not very inviting, same with the bathrooms. The beach is ok for sitting, not for swimming. The base itself is very nice, the commissary and bx are great. The annex on Golf Course Rd was never discussed so I don't know what one has to do to get there. It's a little more open, more of a "country" feel. Has the look of an old mobile home park with the sites very oddly spaced on concrete pads, one for each wheel. There are no facilities at all there. The Tampa traffic alone is enough to keep us away from a second visit. It's just not that nice a place.
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October 18, 2015
I believe your comments and ratings are sadly misplaced. I have been going there in the winter months for 15 years. For the most part it is one of the best RV parks in the military system. I noticed one thing you did not complain about was the daily fee, still one of the lowest.
Long time RV'er.
October 22, 2015
I know exactly what you went through, last November we made reservations ( or so we thought) we were on the waiting list. Then one week before we were to leave they called and told us we were not going to get a site just over flow for 4 Month's or more. That was not what the woman told me the year before. she said we would rotate witch was ok with me . We are new to this but learning fast!!
March 19, 2017
This is exactly the kinda misleading/inconsistentmannerisms & behavior projected by the soon to be retired famcamp manager and her staff, she's burnt out from listening to too much needless in her face whining from the clique of 10+ Year returning "special" (read as favored) campers.
3 results - showing 1 - 3

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