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Feb/March 2015
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I called several months in advance of our trip to make sure there would be no problem with us getting a sight because we are DOD retired. I was assured there would be no problem.. I was told to call 2 weeks before arrival, I did and was told that DOD can not make reservations but to come on we would be in dry camp for a couple days, week at the most. We arrive, and are told "oh no, you are lowest of priority" but to check back if someone leaves we may get a sight. We pay for a week in dry camp, go to renew and see what is the possibility of getting electric, at this time we are told that there would have to be a mass exodus for us to even be considered for a electric sight!! Several people have come and gone. We still sit in dry camp over 3 weeks!! I am sorry but we may be DOD my husband did serve in the guards, he did time for his country, he has worked very hard for the department of defense and is very proud of the job he did, now here we are being treated as second rate citizens. I truly understand active duty has first choice!! I understand retirees should have benefits. I do not mind waiting my turn..but it seems NO ONE here knows the rules. By the time we figured out we were scum, it was too late to find another place to stay, everything is full. So DOD unless you want to stay in dry camp, stay advertises DOD can stay, but they forgot to say where. Oh, by the way the showers are NOT cleaned daily. I watched one stall for 4 days that had hair in the same spot. I bought cleaner and would clean and disinfect when I showered. There is very very limited wifi, if you find it DO NOT MOVE!! We have stayed at other military camp grounds and this is the first time I have been made to feel soooo bad.
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December 19, 2015
Every time I go to MacDill I have a hard time with the rules, the wifi not working, and just overall the problems of staying, once your in its not bad and no one seem to bother you, last time I stayed their they told me I had to call 14 or 21 days in advance to get a site and could only stay 14 days, this was in early November, not many people their yet and only 5 or so in the short term lots. what if I was just passing through what would I do. I need 14 days in advance ????. as far as being treated second hand, I am retired military and I get the same stuff you got, once your face to face with the staff things change but on the phone a different story, I waited until I got to the base and talked to Debbie, one of the park managers and voiced my issues with her and she said she was sorry for my problem but they don't have that issue very often, well I'm sorry to say every time I call that place I get the same kind of run around, this year I retired again and was ready to head to MacDill for a long term stay of 30 to 90 days and was told they had nothing at all, 180 sites were under maintenance, who starts a big project during your busiest time of the year. someone should get a reprimand. the base scheduled the maintenance, someone should be getting a big ass chewing out
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