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Florida 200801
12 - 15 November 2014
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I stayed here for 3 days on my way to Key West. It is a large RV park catering mainly to snowbirds. The staff was very helpful. They have a LONG list of rules but that usually goes along with a military environment. The first thing I noticed was a MASSIVE amount of information they required at check-in, but the staff was nice when I didn't have pet medical records. Be advised that on longer stays they require a more elaborate registration of pets. The only downside I noticed was that MANY of the fellow campers had been staying for long periods of time and kind of have developed ownership and treat the staff as servants. Many people forget when they retire that they are not as "important" as they believe. Most were very nice, I just felt bad for how a few treated the staff. The facilities are great and MacDill has every base service one can imagine. There was a definite feel on base that the snowbirds had almost taken over. lol The sites were large and level full hook-ups and cable TV, wifi and internet is said to be available but I found it basically unusable. As with many base campgrounds the awesome amenities get little use as many seemed tied to their RV sites. The Sea Scape restaurant is a privately run facility and no one seems to know/understand their hours, other than an active duty base function it was closed during my stay. Some people complain of homesteading and this is for sure one of those places, as for me that doesn't bother me at all. I much prefer the facilities being used than possibly being shut down. Make a reservation for a long stay and you will be fine. I enjoyed my stay and plan to return for longer stays. Many retirees would be well served to remember they are a GUEST not an OWNER, but again I personally had no bad interactions with fellow RVers and most seemed quick with a smile and friendly greeting.
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