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Florida 200801
October 20 thru Nov 7th 2014
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Upon arrival at the office I could not find fault, The office staff were helpful and considerate, however it was only the third week of October 2014 but never less there were some two week spots. I read the reviews and certainly can see there are people who have been coming to this camp ground who feel entitled as annual renters, one told me he has been coming for 19 years. I asked several different questions regarding the USAF Policy on operating the camp ground and how the site reservation and waiting list are managed but was never able to see the AFR because there was no copy available and no clear response was given on year to year management. I suspect the IG should get involved or maybe raise it to a Congressional investigation. I don't think the people running the site are intentionally mismanaging the system, but I think there is a gap of fairness from year to year that should be looked into. Example is if all reservations are filled early in October for 6 months, people should be made to physically occupy the space not just pay to keep it for 90 days before they arrive. The other short sighted rule is if you are on the reserved waiting list and carried over to the following year then those people should be the first to be allowed to reserve spots before those who reserve and occupy annually. This would allow rotation from the waiting list annually and create fairness for all on the waiting list. Example if you are number 18 or 125 on the reserved waiting list in 2013 then you would have been given a reserved spot the following year during the peak times of October thru March 2014 before anyone who occupied the reserved spots in 2013. This would create a rotation from the reserved waiting list into the reserved spots at least every other year. The reserved list for reserved spots would only be open until they reach the total number of reserved spots available and would only be able to be reserved by those occupying a reserved spot in March of the year they have the spot. This is called fairness to all military entitled people to get a chance at enjoying the benefits offered at Raccoon Creek MacDill AFB Family Camp. I am not available to partake in this adventure because I still work full time and enjoy my job so even at 66 I have no plans to retire. However I did enjoy our two weeks spent here this year. I will not be able to travel there in 2015 due to overseas travel work commitments but I do intend to follow what is happening here because I think there are numerous violations of reservation mismanagement and if not publically repaired I will without hesitation start a congressional inquiry because I think all deserve to enjoy what just a few are now enjoying. Last thanks to the friendly management I enjoyed my visit and hope to visit again in 2016 or 2017, keep the lights on!
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