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Florida 214382
May 2014
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Not what it used to be!!!! We stayed there for a full month and had ample opportunity to observe. The people that work there just don't care - the exception to that attitude is the marina workers, they were great. We would point out a problem area that needed some attention and were always told the same answer - "Oh,ok." Nothing was done to resolve the issue. It was an attitude of It is not my job. I don't think you could grow a better crop of sand burrs. They are everywhere. If you and your dog go out, plan on coming back with burrs in the dog's paws. In short, the place was great at one time - but the lack on management has let it become very disappointing. The Destin area is still great - it is a shame this facility has been allowed to get to this condition. They have a set or rules for guests, but nobody follows them. People walk by the no smoking sign at the pool and sit down to have a smoke by poolside. There are rules about noise, but again nobody cares and the staff will not do anything to solve a problem. One has to question why have the rules if none of them are enforced. I will not be back!!!!!!!!!!!!
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