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Florida 200140
June 14-20, 2014
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After reading some of the remarks on here, I had my doubts about this place, but it is a remarkable place to stay! The beach is nice and never crowded, the marina is a full service marina with reasonable rates (just make sure to observe the rules for getting in and out of the marina; 3rd marker!) They have equipment to rent, nice permanent beach chairs, a restaurant, the golf course is nearby, etc.; what more could you want? And, the "heavy-handed" rules are mostly geared at discourteous pet owners. So, if you are a conscientious pet owner and you are cognizant of those around you who don't appreciate stepping in dog or cat doo-doo, or putting up with incessant barking at all hours of the night, then you don't really have much to worry about. If you are the type that treats your pet like it is a human being or an extension of the family with all the powers of cognition associated with mankind, then move on and go someplace else, plain and simple. I'm sure there are plenty of other appreciative folks out there who would be most happy to take your place!
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October 02, 2014
I treat my cat like a member of the family and I've never had complaints. All members of our family try to treat others with respect and courtesy. It does not have anything to do with how much we love our pets. I'm just sayin'... ;-)
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