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April 22-23, 2014
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First the good: Wonderful location. Tampa is a scenic city and MacDill is an incredibly beautiful military base. The famcamp is well kept, neat and clean. We had a water view site on a level concrete pad. Now the bad: When we checked in we had to provide our RV registration, proof of insurance for our trailer and our truck, and a shot record for our dog. Both my wife and I had to provide our full names, plus a separate next of kin. I have never had to answer such detailed questions at any other military RV park, and we have been to at least a dozen different ones in the last two years. I haven't had to answer so many personal questions since my last overseas deployment! Next we had to sign our lives away, saying we understood the many pages of ridiculously strict rules and regulations of the famcamp. These include a demerit system. Every violation is 3 points. If you amass 12 points you are evicted from the famcamp. Definitely not a dog friendly place. Dog rules are posted everywhere, in case you forgot the page of dog rules you had to sign upon arrival. Cats are not exempt, either. A neighbor told me he got chewed out when one of his cats briefly walked outside his trailer without a leash. All the rules and their threats of heavy handed enforcement made me flash back to bootcamp... but wait, there's more. Hopefully it was just the time of year we stayed here, but the insects were horrible. Bugs known as "lovebugs" were swarming everywhere. They don't bite but they are so thick they are a major annoyance. Much worse were the "no see 'ums," tiny biting insects that were everywhere at all hours of the day and night. They are so small they easily get inside your trailer and even torture you while you are inside. I had to cover myself in Off insect repellent just to go outside. I am still swatting at them as I write this review. Overall, the terrible insect situation coupled with the absurd emphasis on unnecessarily strict rules spoiled what should have been a great visit. We will not stay here again.
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