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Florida 200140
October 2013-April 2014
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We had a reservation so upon arrival we visited the office. We were told to drive around and pick an open site. We wanted to stay in the annex so we headed that way. We were surprised that most of the sites, especially the better ones, were already taken by the end of October. A large number bring their RVs there in September and early October and leave them for 1-3 months just to get “their site”. Of course they pay rental for that time so the MWR is not losing money. However, is it fair to those of us that arrive with the intention of staying and many of good sites are already taken by empty RVs? Also, some of the better open sites, with no RVs in them, had stuff setting there to appear they were occupied – obviously being saved for a friend which is against the rules. The office does not enforce this either as we watched friends move into them. However, we did pick a site that we were happy with. FAMCAMP OFFICE does not enforce any policy that I could see. They have a policy that allows other FAMCAMP residents to notify the office of any rules violations. Very few, if any violation, get reported because no one wants to be the “bad guy” and report someone. The annex seems to have its own rules compared to the main RV area. Examples of some of the rules that go unnoticed/uncorrected. PET RULES WILL BE STRICTLY ADHERED TO. PLEASE DO NOT WALK PET IN NEIGHBOR'S YARDS. In the main campground and annex, pet rules are not enforced and again FAMCAMP residents are supposed to report violators. They have dog walks but most do not use them. They walk them on long leashes and allow them to dump on everyone site. Most do pick up after them but I got tired to watching dogs use my site to dump on. I did ask two owners to please keep their dogs off of my site. UTILITY/CAR TRAILERS OR BOATS OF ANY KIND ARE NOT ALLOWED ON SITE WITH RV. CHECK WITH OFFICE FOR PROPER PARKING AREAS. In the annex, this is not enforced. They allow all kinds of trailers and boats to be stored on a site. It looks like trailer park and very unsightly. RV SITES WILL BE KEPT NEAT AND ORDERLY AT ALL TIMES. In the main campground and annex, sites become very cluttered and unsightly because no one wants to be the “bad guy” and report someone. Why can’t someone from the office drive around daily and correct the violations? THE OFFICE DOES NOT DO ANY MOWING IN THE AREA. They claim that they stopped due to residents complaining of damage to their RVs, hoses, cables and so on. That could be correct but why not require the contractor/staff to be more careful? As a result, sites become overgrown with weeds and grass growing well over one-foot. The office does have mowers for checkout by the residents if they want to mow their own lot. I moved mine once but most do not. THE OFFICE STAFF for the most part, are not very customer friendly. It is a big park with lots of activity and it must be difficult to deal with complaining residents. However, I observed lots of rudeness while waiting my turn in line to pay my monthly rent or pick up a package. There is lots of room for improvement in this area. We do enjoy the base and area and come back every year and observe the same problems. It does seem to be getting a little worse with the enforcement of the rules. Someone needs to take charge and enforce the rules. If not then change the rules.
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