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Florida 200801
Dec 4 & 5, 2013
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I was told to call 2 weeks prior to arrival to make a reservation -which I did. The girl took all my info, I thought check in would be easy and maybe it would have if Bill was not the one to check me in. A couple problems at arrival: 1. I stated I had a reservation-he argued that I could not have one since I called 2 weeks ago. After giving him all my info AGAIN, when he hit the enter button - there was my reservation. 2. Bill said I could not have a reservation under my name - must have sponsor with me - I explained that the sponsor was deceased and my ID card stated that - he argued that it did not state that - even when I pointed it out. 3. Must show vehicle registration/insurance proof - however, I do not see that as necessary as I have base stickers for the motorhome and towed car and could not get on base without proof. I have stayed in 11 military campgrounds driving down the East coast over the last 3 months and have never had the check in experience I had at MacDill including Andrews Air Force where the President flies in and out (you would think security would be greater there). Once past the check in process: the campground is in a great location, wonderful beach, Seascapes café, clean laundry, so-so WiFi, commissary on base and propane available at the marina.
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January 17, 2014
No offense meant, but why did you give such high marks for Hospitality, if you had so much trouble at check-in?
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