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Florida 159943
19 Dec 2006
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Could not get in initially due to HIGH number of people that are actually living in the MWR facility. Finaly got into postl point, I spent 8 years here active duty and I am recent retiree (2002) and been coming here for the past 5 years - this place is a trailer park trash convention. They even have a fifth wheel with a huge blue tarp over it here on the first spot you see - Class - EEEEE !!! Worse yet, you complaint that there are active duty with kids living in their trailer along with a host of active duty as well as contractors and many many friends of the services community and all they do is drag their feet and act like you are the problem. There are at least three units at postl point where people have parked their unit there and use it for a weekend condo. One hasn't stayed in his unit overnight once and we have been here almost three weeks !! When I brought this to their attention, within an hour two had brought cars down to the spot and then left so they would look like they were actually using the facility when they ARE NOT EVEN HERE DURING THE WEEK. This is the worst military famcamp we have ever been in. The view is awesome and so is camp robbins if you can get them to ever through out those scamming the system making it so that you and I cannot use our well earned benefit. Sad, this camp used to be the premiere facility, now it seems like either half the fulltimers/illegal homesteaders work for, worked for or know all the famcamp services people . . tonight there was a guy working on a crappy old POS car on a car trailer parked next to his fifth wheel, along with two ful size trucks . . . and there is only one person staying there . . .you do the math. I am filing complaints as far as I can get the paper. I am constantly amazed at how low people can be - if any of those abusing the system or those running this place knew what it is like to drive 1k - 1.5k miles only to see you cannot get a spot because they are weekend condo-ing the place and there are like 10 people living here as their residence while claiming this state as their primary residence . . . well, if it happens to THEM, then its different. This is the first time I have ever been ashamed of an Air Force Base in 25 years. Not coming back here to stay but will be checking it every year and complaining to ensure all get equal access.
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