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Florida 200140
Oct 6th to Oct 13th 2013
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one year ago I stayed at Raccoon Creek, Three Wi-Fi sites and they still don't work, last year I could get a little connection off and on but now nothing, I ask the guy behind the counter and he told me they are just going to remove it. I can get a great connection to the router but no internet they are paying for it but just don't want to have anyone fix it (they just don't care)(Government waste), I'm a IT guy I would check it out for free. they have a lot of talent in the park lets use it. I agree with everyone about the sites just sitting vacant waiting for someone to come, but they could make a lot more money if they would manage it a little better, last year I stayed 14 days in they short term site and watched the empty long term site stay vacant the whole time. they did some road paving sense last year, this time all the roads are in super shape. I see the same problem all the way back from July 2011, Management don't seem to care. Also if you have dogs watch the pickers on the ground very painful to your dogs and you. Beach is super, lot of noise every morning, firing range going every morning, planes flying over all hours. traffic speeding up and down the main road all day. Bugs very bad at night but it's Florida. Did not think I was coming back this year but I love the Tampa area. Went to Patrick AFB before I came back to MacDill, this place is way better a lot more to do here, some policies are wacked, everyplace is different, you would think policy would be the same way everyplace, all US Government Military, they need to be fixed. you can stay 14 days but if you want to extend you cant until the 14th day, so you better have a back up plan. gun policy at MacDill the best so far, register at Raccoon Creek and keep your guns with you. At Patrick AFB had to check them in the arms room no big problem, but they don't have a RV parking at the Arms room and wasted two hours turning them in and getting them out. I'm almost at retirement and waiting to get my long term stay at MacDill and will get a little more involved in the Park, I don't agree with the homestead comments it nice to have a place to go after retirement, Patrick AFB is renting housing to retirees. I like the security staying on the base and one nice part of serving your country for twenty years. you don't get much but this is a plus.
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